Get noticed

Branding is more than just a name, a logo design or a snazzy strap line.  It is everything that encompasses your business and helps to set you apart from others.


Branding improves recognition, creates trust, supports advertising, builds financial values and generates referrals.


As individuals we are all unique and each have something different to offer. By hearing your story I can understand you and by understanding you I can sense how best to approach your project.


By skilfully juggling design, art and the digital world I create meaningful stories for my clients, which help them to get noticed.


Pixel  perfect

If you have a business and don’t have a website, you are losing out on a great opportunity. Your visibility and activity on social media are crucial tools for any business today to create traffic to your professional website.


Having an online presence is cost effective.  It is accessible around the clock and convenient.  It will help build your business credibility, increase your sales and is a crucial part of any marketing strategy.


A professional looking well designed website will make you stand out and will set you apart from your competitors.


If you need a well crafted and easy to use website,   please contact me.

Make an impression

Unlike a reproducible digital file or web page, reading a physical book is a solitary experience that can only be enjoyed by one person at a time. Once you finish a book you close the cover and are left in peace.  No advert can pop up, no online store pushing us to buy and read more, nothing to distract us from our thinking process.


Numerous studies have shown that people’s ability to focus their attention on a single idea is increased when reading print.


Print technologies offer us a vast choice of paper stocks, inks, binding and many interesting ways to create interesting publications. Print media is unique in its capability to trigger a number of senses; of course the feel of paper, the smell of ink or an added scent, paper can be eaten or even listened to, paper can change colour when heated or put in front of a light. With the integration of QR codes, Augmented Reality, Near Field Communication or digital imprint technologies; print media has never been so powerful.

If you are looking to make a good impression with your existing and future clients, please contact me. 

Be inspired

I believe through research and experimentation you progress within your craft.

Those are the keys to my design process, they enable me to be more daring in the way I approach and think about design.


Experimenting with different ways of expressing my creative mind away from the computer can be liberating.

Lynda Jeannot

Design Studio