Diagnostics for the Real World


Diagnostics for the Real World, Ltd [DRW] was founded by Dr Helen Lee in 2002 in order to make more widely available breakthrough technologies developed by her group at the Diagnostics Development Unit [DDU] at the University of Cambridge.


DRW's mission is to develop cutting-edge technologies and diagnostic assays for deployment in resource poor countries primarily through patient sample testing at the point of care or near the patient. Avoiding both the unreliability of previous simple point-of-care technologies and the prohibitive costs and logistical difficulties associated with central laboratory testing.  DRW's SAS assays provide a fast, accurate and cost-effective method for testing and diagnosis when and where it is most needed.


I designed marketing collaterals, packaging for lab and home use, organised and created exhibition designs for many symposiums in Europe and in the USA for DRW's SAS.

Lynda Jeannot

Design Studio