Lynda Jeannot

Design Studio

The following are just some of the positive things that our clients are saying about my work and expertise. I am so pleased to find that the graphic design services I provide is such a success and can be so beneficial to so many individuals and businesses.

"Lynda created the visual identity for my company and worked with me on several projects including "Start Out in the Arts" and "Market Place". Lynda draws on her experience as a visual artist, and is always on the lookout for new tendencies in design. She confidently uses this knowledge to respond to the client's brief most effectively, and comes up with solutions that make you stand out from the crowd."

Elena Shampanova, Founder of Art for All

"Lynda produced my company logo and supporting web graphics. I was very happy with the high level of service I received, which included a detailed analysis of my company brand and research conducted into my industry during the pre–production stage. Lynda devoted considerable time and effort into developing the right graphics for my business, and provided regular consultations during the creative process. A true professional with both the artistic skill to create beautiful imagery, and most importantly a strong understanding of marketing and the effect of signs and symbolism which is essential to creating a successful brand."

Alex McElroy, Director of 4Plan

“I commissioned Lynda Jeannot  to undertake a branding exercise for my business and to design my website.  I have been thrilled with the results and can highly recommend Lynda. Lynda worked hard to understand my business and the image I wanted to present.  She took on board my ideas whilst suggesting alternative approaches for consideration too - I liked the fact it was a collaborative approach, but with Lynda in the driving seat.  Lynda is extremely professional and produces work to a very high standard.”

Sheena McCallum, Director of Cam Planning

“Lynda listened to my initial thoughts, then proposed a much bolder and brighter approach, which we were able to apply to extend and reuse for different platforms.

Lynda immerses herself deeply into research leading to some unique work. She has great instincts and a deep understanding of visual communication. She also possesses a keen ability to express insight intelligently. We have since collaborated on several projects and continue to enjoy working together.”

Richard Hare, Director of Flare Consulting

"I came to Lynda with a basic mock-up of the cover art I wanted for my inaugural podcast. 
I was nervous about how to balance the need for it to be visually striking but also be able to be seen and recognised as a small thumbnail: but I needn’t have worried.  What Lynda created wasn’t what I wanted – it was better than that.  She noticed all the things that could be better, and she improved them."

Georgina Scull, Founder of Proper Podcasts

Lynda Jeannot

Design Studio